The End Of Traditional Marketing - Businesses Rise and Fall By SEO in 2017

In 2010 we knew that if we invested in paid advertising we could develop local visual recognition. 

Today People Don't like to Read when they SURF. 

You need Creative Content. 

Ads that get shared means broad recognition and massive success. Ads that interrupt loose favor instantly via credibility breech. 

SEO is serious business now a days. Businesses rise or fall based on it . . . The waves that the people SURF.

 Interruption Marketing is on the Out. News Papers, Magazines as well as digital media are all HUNGRY for creativity in a world where the Magic of Creativity, has not been preserved or cultivated or mastered but by the few. 

This type of " Content" is almost priceless to Brands because it causes a Huge emotional attachment as well as Curiosity and Adoration.

We supply Graphic Art that Captivates.


Simply, remarkable


Oh my God, That's phenomenal.

Publicity for The School Of Modern Magic Is by Jason Hunter Of Search Engine Properties

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If a Master can create in one hour what would take an newbe a lifetime to match, are they worth the same dollar amount per second?

Is a trip to space worth more than a plane ticket?

How Much Is That Worth?


Top Of The Line

Search Engine Optimization



Mobile Continues to be King. WHY?   Social Media. 

Social Media Continues to drive business through sheer involvement. Business Deals, Networking, Investigation, Diligence, Research, Answers, Good Questions, Data Data Data is filtering in Social Media. 

Social Media ALSO drives website metrics. And when there is 0 resistance, there is Sales Volume. 


Knowing what to do and what Not to do

 to make your business Top in Google and Bing Searches

By Jason Hunter of Search Engine Properties.

 Social Media Based Web Development

Outsource Your SEO For Sanity... & a Scaling ROI

Cumulatively Reciprocal Marketing Spend Guaranteed ROI


Search Engine Properties Has a Guaranteed ROI

Our SEO work invested will continue to provide residual strength to your Website and ROI our services over time. These established reciprocal benefits will continue to pay you even If you stop paying us.  

Strong Web Assets Increase Your CO.'s New Worth

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Copy & Send to your Business Contacts

They will Thank You

A 100% Google Compliant Web Development, IT, Social Media Management, Creative Content Creation and Syndication, Web Design Company that provides big data analytics and tracking as actionable data, with monthly reporting.  Competitor research and valuable keyword discovery.


If you provide high quality work, honesty and above average customer service, you are welcome to leverage our knowledge and skills. We send a monthly Invoice with your Last Month’s Report, and require about 10% of web net profits beyond last year’s figures, plus your growth %.

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Explanation of Service Change:

We no longer accept calls without appointment, nor are providing Competition Analysis and Keyword Discovery to Non-Clients. 

SEO = Immense Value

Google Compliant Web Optimization is literally multiplying client revenues in months, x2, x3... by ranking new words and phrases. These Revenues are easy to leverage into a scaleable model for those ready to move on from doing "seo" due diligence research, to having

Multiple Front Doors on GOOGLE Page' 1

Once Owners realize where they would likely be if they had started in January, they may realize that Web Masters hold the keys to their efficient success online, financial liquidity and scaleability.

Those already savvy will recognize what they have just found, and grab us up into their organization. 

We know both Whitehat and Blackhat SEO, so as to protect Clients and know what to do and not etc., and only offer Google Compliant Whitehat SEO to Clients.  

We help both Small Businesses as well as Fortune 2.0 Companies.


We do not release any Client Data.  

These are the Wild ranking fluctuations for those companies ranking for Keyword "seo company". They are getting hit by Google again and again. Most companies don't even know that their URL is at great risk of permanent Google De-indexation. SEO Companies job is not to pol-vault clients over businesses doing it the right way, its to Optimize and Strategically Build, Market and Network etc.

These are the Wild ranking fluctuations for those companies ranking for Keyword "seo company". They are getting hit by Google again and again.

Most companies don't even know that their URL is at great risk of permanent Google De-indexation. SEO Companies job is not to pol-vault clients over businesses doing it the right way, its to Optimize and Strategically Build, Market and Network etc.

Outsource SEO

By: Jason Hunter

Company: Search Engine Properties LLC, VT

Date: 3/13/17

Dear Business Owners,

Here is where to outsource professional Google Friendly search engine optimization.

Business Owners here know Search Engine Optimization is key to growth and scaling, and know the importance of Professional Expertise when protecting and building both their Brand and Web Assets.  

Knowing Google SEO as well as Blackhat SEO and being current in both worlds is to responsibly protect a valuable Business Asset.  Accidental Blackhat, bad Mass Branding, missing crucial Data is wasting thousands of resources, and being robbed by Competitor's SEO Company's attack or manipulated ranking can seem overwhelming and even cause more damaging mistakes...

Taking responsibility for a Website is no small game any longer, but it does take a cool temperment and large perspective. Whether a new or old URL, a Website can sink out of view of 99% of searching Potential Customers within a few days or hours. Having an in-house team that is new and learning can be a real hazard, and too stressful on office dynamics.

Having an in-house Team ready to take Massive Action, and an Expert that has the objectivity and basis covered, are Real Assets.

Ads are a waste of money unless you are boosting a winning campaign, more or less, in my opinion. See our home page for the comparison in ROI between the two Marketing Spends. 

Search Engine Properties is building an Insurance Company to help both Vendors and Business People survive Negative SEO and human error. This web property is currently Ranking Page One for its Brand Name, and we have not yet released it to our network as we negotiate Investors and Coverage. 

It can be what we don't know that can compromise much previous effort and investment.

And it can be what They don't know, that enables us to succeed without breaking Ethics. 

This page is to help you find us. Outsource seo with us. Our search engine optimization for businesses is for Owners that need a Remote Web Specialist and growing Team and Clientelle.

Please go to these two links and discover more about our work and mindset.

Please use  to correspond and have your Team Lead Contact correspond through for an introduction.




I'm Missing 70% of Customers Below Position #4!?

Your Potential Customer's Clicks by Google Position

Your Potential Customer's Clicks by Google Position

Studies show that Google Adwords advertising gets about 2% of search volume clicks and non-ad organic listings get about 90%

... and that page-one position one, two and three organic listings get 42%, 11%, and 8% of total search volume ie. your total potential customers, respectively.

Because Google is now 99% of how people find services, and because 90% of them don’t click on ads, allocating marketing spend to Google Optimization is obviously fundamental to modern day business. 

Not only obvious but critical because what’s currently happening is all the clicks are going to businesses with Google optimization, and those that don’t have it are getting pushed Out of business.

If you think finding a trustworthy SEO company is as easy as searching Google, please know that these sites often get there using churn and burn "Blackhat" Backlinks, manipulated traffic etc., and get hundreds of clients de-indexed at a time. 

So if you know of an available, affordable, real, Google compliant SEO company that will work with you, they are solid gold to your bottom line.

We are currently accepting clients for our Managed Social Account Based Web Development Service.


Google's Revolutionary Trajectory

Google's Revolutionary Trajectory

This is from the co-founder of Google, Larry Page. He explains how important it is for companies to remain innovative and up-to-date on the latest trends, while not falling into the trap of complacency. Page emphasizes how Google always strives to find unique ways to brand itself as a company, and be on the forefront of new technologies.