I'm Missing 70% of Customers Below Position #4!?

Your Potential Customer's Clicks by Google Position

Your Potential Customer's Clicks by Google Position

Studies show that Google Adwords advertising gets about 2% of search volume clicks and non-ad organic listings get about 90%

... and that page-one position one, two and three organic listings get 42%, 11%, and 8% of total search volume ie. your total potential customers, respectively.

Because Google is now 99% of how people find services, and because 90% of them don’t click on ads, allocating marketing spend to Google Optimization is obviously fundamental to modern day business. 

Not only obvious but critical because what’s currently happening is all the clicks are going to businesses with Google optimization, and those that don’t have it are getting pushed Out of business.

If you think finding a trustworthy SEO company is as easy as searching Google, please know that these sites often get there using churn and burn "Blackhat" Backlinks, manipulated traffic etc., and get hundreds of clients de-indexed at a time. 

So if you know of an available, affordable, real, Google compliant SEO company that will work with you, they are solid gold to your bottom line.

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