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Search Engine Properties LLC is now offering Search Engine Optimization in Boston Mass as well as NYC and surrounding areas. Please find an overview of our complete SEO Services from that Anchor-Text.  We provide a Fully Google Compliant SEO service. We are Google Web Masters and use Webmaster Tools, Search Console, Google Analytics and most other Google products. 

We follow both Google Best Practices White-Hat SEO, as well as Black-Hat SEO, so as to defend and protect Client websites etc., and only offer Google Compliant Optimization to our SEO Business Clients. 

We provide SEO for Small Business as well as Corporate SEO analytics, reporting, consultation and specialty services per their needs. 

Boston SEO Company. Welcome to the Jungle. If you don't know what's out there, you could be in big trouble. Getting Google SEO for on-page and off-page SEO is not only now Basic Business, But essential for Survival in today's marketplace. If your competitors use SEO and you don't, well it may take you too long to equitably catch up, and be put out of businesses.

LinkBait Example: We created some Content for some business sites to promote our Services, and this is the LinkBait for it. Click the Pic to see the Content on our Blog. (Link-Bait is a Google Suggested Marketing Practice)

Have a Boston Business and Considering Search Engine Optimization or SEO Companies?

Afraid of the Price of SEO? How about the COST of failure?

Put off SEO and loose Google Favor as others gain it. We don't do Sales. 

We save businesses with search engine optimization.  

Search Engine Optimization is much like knitting and other Crafts, or specialist skills, you build and build, perfect and perfect, and it eventually turns into a valuable garment or benefit, that continues to deliver real enjoyable value over time. If you don't know how to knit or are new to a craft, we all know that our work will probably not turn into something of much value, however in Search Engine Optimization these actions also create lasting negative effects and increasingly harm your success over time. JH

Getting SEO is like weaving a golden thread of Authority through connectivity to high value high credibility Web Assets which increases the Total Net Worth of your Business, and add incredible value to the internet archive with deep knowledge and top performing content syndication, so they are resources for your perfect clientele. 

Google surfaces The Best Content / Websites, based on what the Market Resonates. Start at the beginning. If you want to pay to Rank in a manner that is Google compliant, we are your company's best friend, and likely a new Core Business Model Strategic Partner.  

Hire an expert seo company. Buy expert seo services. Easy Links are to Home Page for Services Overview and Value Proposition. 


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Social Media Based Web Development S.E.O. for Businesses in Boston Massachusetts

Development, Analytics, Tracking and Reporting

Top Level Actionable Data for Business Owners and Management

We Reward Referrals With Profit-Shares.

We are a cooperative business, in which all of our Strategic Partners and Colleagues Thrive. 

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Tell them to Mention You and we give you a % of our Net Profit without charging more.

You are a business Asset that Increases in Value over Time, and we know it.  


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We are now Providing professional Search Engine Optimization Services for Boston. Your Welcome Too. ROI in 3-6 Months Small Local to Medium Regional. Our SEO for Boston Companies provides Expert Search Engine Optimization  and Social Media Management and Marketing. 

Deep Social Media Content Design and Marketing

Expert Local Designers + Expert Search Engine Optimization + Big Data Analytics = Revenue from Social Media and Google Search 

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