Colloidal Silver Concentrate


Colloidal Silver Concentrate

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Usage example:

"The silver stays on the mat as a very fine silver powder and even helps you stay naturally disinfected as you do yoga!"

Silver is the cleanest substance on Earth, ie. no pathogens can live on it. It is the only known substance with an inherent positive charge.

This is the cleaning product of the future that replaces the practice of smearing toxic residues all over domestic surfaces with the misconception that it is making the households healthier.

As a hand sanitizer, bathroom spray, laundry additive, fridge spray, shoe spray, bed spray, animal spray, first aid spray, and for stopping skin problems. it is safer and longer lasting than any competitors.

We provide 1,000ppm partspermillion which is a very strong concentrate, so dilute as recommended. A little goes a long way and stays there, so accumulation is an added benefit.

Dilute to 100 ppm and add for example





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