Social Media Audience Building For Google Ranking

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For a Website to be indexed at the Top of Search it needs to receive traffic that stays on the site, takes actions on the site, and does not return to search, and it needs to be connected to credible relevant sites with Links. Social Media Engagement does all of this and super affordably.

Developing Influencer Status

Equates to Traffic, Sales and BackLinks on Demand

Three Months developing an Influencer Page for a NYC gym.

And this helps your Ranking in a BIG way, so you can start to capture up to 80% of All Search Volume for your Terms.

"We are segmenting the Social Media Platforms with The top media content, and our reach increases exponentially. This is a new and very accessible Sales Channel and Ranking power-up for our Clients." JH

Studies show that Google Adwords advertising gets about 2% of search volume clicks and non-ad organic listings get about 90%, and that page-one position one, two and three organic listings get 42%, 11%, and 8% of total search volume ie. your total potential customers, respectively.

Your Potential Customer's Clicks by Google Position

Your Potential Customer's Clicks by Google Position

Because Google is now 99% of how people find services, and because 90% of them don’t click on ads, allocating marketing spend to Google Optimization is obviously fundamental to modern day business. 

Currently all the clicks are going to businesses with Google Optimization, and those without it are getting pushed Out of business.


Hire us if you want to not sink in the Search Engines, but Establish your Business at the Top while making more Sales.