SEO Student Partner Program

You Pay . $100 Per Month + 25% of Web Profits Henceforth.

Want to Retire? Build a Website. 


Search Engine Properties is now offering a Paying Website Course. 

  • Websites that generate from $100-$5,000 per month, and some far more are quite common. 
  • Search Engine Properties Clients pay about $3,000 for an Optimized Website and $1,200 per month more SEO Marketing. 
  • Student Partners learn skills just like they were an Employee working in our Office. However this type of arrangement enables Self Motivated non-employee Scaling with Student's pay quickly exceeding the $25-$50 that we pay in-house. 

Students get an Optimized Site built upon a URL with existing Metrics, a Valuable Keyword Spreadsheet to build their Content around, our Social Media Based Web Development Business Model, Strategy and Method, with a SEP Staff Monthly Review, Lesson and Website Help. (Weekly Review for First Month) You can expect to spend about 10hrs up front, then 1-3 hrs per week with most sites averaging about $1,200 per Month. First money in, in about 3 months in most cases.


You no longer have to learn the Ocean of SEO to safely rank websites at the Top of Google Bing Yahoo Effectively. You can start you own micro-investment property and most importantly Start Aging and Building Up The Property right away.

We will save you thousands of hours, likely dozens of painful and costly mistakes, and show you how to leverage incomes with Big Data Tools and refined Google Friendly techniques, into Scaleable ROI.


Site: $100 and URL with existing metrics.

Search Engine Properties Commission 25%.

Time: About 10hrs up front then 1-3hrs per week. Content, Research and Marketing.


A professional SEO-ed Website. Rank-able Money Term Discovery. Step by Step instructions.

What to do, not what not to do. Keeps it Simple and Effective. 

Longterm Residual Good Sized Income. 

A New Web Property that Increases your Net Worth. 


Rank for 1-10k per month Search Volume terms with low to low-med ranking difficulty. Get in the top three to split 80% of all clicks for those terms. Get and Hold #1 for 40%+ of all search volume. Google then Bing and Yahoo. Develop Ranking Longevity with continues development and tracking.


Want to retire? Build a Web Property. 

Search Engine Properties is Teaching People to do this and keeping 25% of all web revenue from those who would like to participate. This is an honor system, full disclosure, non hand holding, a-z+ on how to not know SEO and still benefit from doing it. Bigtime.


Jason has every reason to tell you all the best, most wide reaching, and effective ways to build profitable websites for the cheap, and make thousands per month after a few short months. Why. Bankable Terms. 


Do it yourself and have lasting web revenue. An the Knowledge to Make More. 


For Disclosure of this proprietary material requires a Partnering Non-Compete Contract with Search Engine Properties.

Signature signifies agreement to a 25% profit share of any and all web revenue derived from this date forward.